Everyone visiting Tukums must come to Straw Workshop and Museum!  You will be greeted by several hundred (500 exhibits) different straw/hay sculptures and dolls.

The Straw Museum is the only of its kind in Europe, the world and one of the most interesting sightseeing places in Latvia. It functions as a tourist attraction since 23. August 2010. The Museum is famous for its original, unique and various works of art. You will see the works of art created from straw and hay.
The straw museum can be visited individually, with family,
friends, colleagues, classmates and organised groups.
Tour duration for museum viewing ~ 50 min.
For groups of over 10 people, please make a reservation by phone +371-29495746.

Entrance fee:
4,00 EUR – for adults
3,50 EUR – for students, pensioners
3,00 EUR – for children (from 4 year)
7,00 EUR – guide service (up to 15 persons)
14,00 EUR – guide service (up to 50 persons)