Our work speaks about us.

Creation of straw sculptures and dolls has been our leisure activity, self-expression and job for several years. We are doing it by our free will, choice and with great enthusiasm. Just for fun…

Only love and enjoyment for the job you are doing can bring the best results and satisfaction about achievements.

We don’t dream, what it could be like. We just work here and now. The idea comes first. It is followed by patient, careful and hard work. You won’t find our works anywhere else, as the ideas are not borrowed or copied. They are invented and nurtured by us. Each image is created as it is in nature – with its character, soul, feeling…

Straw or hay has been very little used in Latvian art. Up to now more detailed information about the use of straw/hay in art, was not available in Latvia. Thanks to our creative activities, we have caused large public response, interest. Numerous press publications, TV and radio stories are proof to our recognition.

We have introduced a lot of new creative ideas in creation of sculptures, dolls and souvenirs with new touch of imagination. We have created several technical solutions in creation of sculptures and dolls, for which we have been granted the patent of Latvian Republic.

As a result of our activity, in 2010 the Straw Museum was opened. It is the only museum of its kind in Latvia and in the world. Vast variety of straw sculptures and dolls is displayed in the Straw Museum. The Museum exhibits bring joy to Latvian and foreign tourists and art lovers. We keep supplementing it with new works of art and theme collections. Separate theme collections are displayed in different museums in Latvian towns, culture clubs and galleries. A lot of our works at the moment are placed in different towns in Latvia and abroad, decorating gardens, facades and interiors.

Thanks to our work in recent years, a lot of people in Latvian towns and villages have acquired enthusiasm to work with straw and hey.

Only with persistent, enormous job and enthusiasm simple, widespread material turns into unique works of art, like nobody has seen before.

In a very short time, by own hands and means we have created new, unique and attractive place of interest in Latvia.